Those who sacrifice Materialistic Pleasures for the Pleasure of God, for them God is very near.

(Vedanta Desika, a prominent philosopher & theologian in South India during the 13th and 14th centuries)

God desires for us to let go of the pleasures of this world, not out of jealousy, but with our best interests at heart.

Picture this: it’s like parents dealing with a kid who’s all eager to grab a snake’s tail without knowing how dangerous it can be. Just like that, we often have no clue about the risks lurking behind the flashy pleasures of life. What are those risks?

First off, those worldly pleasures are sneaky little devils that distract us from our real purpose in life.

What’s more? They may seem exciting at first, but they eventually leave us feeling empty and frustrated. Those flashy pleasures may seem like a ticket to eternal happiness, but guess what? They’re nothing but mirages in the desert of life. Sooner or later, they leave us parched frustrated, and craving something more substantial.

Oh, and let’s not forget the hustle and bustle we gotta go through just to get a taste of those pleasures. We gotta slog and hustle, clawing our way to grasp them. It’s a continuous struggle, my friends. One wonders, Is this pleasure at all?

You know what’s even worse? Becoming dependent on stuff for our happiness. It’s like being chained to the material world instead of experiencing true unbounded spiritual bliss. It’s time to break free, my friends, and experience a higher levels of bliss not dependent on anything material whatsoever.

And the grand finale? Falling into the trap of addiction. Those worldly pleasures can turn us into slaves, stuck in an endless cycle of chasing after our own desires. It’s like being trapped in a twisted maze, chasing after the next hit of pleasure, losing our true selves in the process.

So here’s the deal: God is all about love and wants the best for us in the long run. So, He’s asking us to let go of the flashy distractions and focus on what really matters—our spiritual growth and well-being. Trust me, it’s the ultimate game-changer that’ll leave you truly charmed and benefited

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