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Conquer your Stress. Conquer your Life.

It can be hard to deal with stress, but the first step to getting rid of stress is to accept that you are stressed.

If you try to ignore stress, you will be completely worn out and fed up with life. And maybe you’ll get a stroke or heart attack for free!

The best way to manage stress, therefore, is to stop fighting it and start embracing it.

Yes. You heard it right. Embrace stress!

Bhagavad Gita tells us that accepting stress as the mercy of God is the key to dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Consider this.

Day and night, a mother who just had a baby is under a lot of stress. Since the beginning of time, there have been mothers, babies, and the stress of raising them. But has any mother ever got tired of life?

Not at all!

Why is that so?

Because she loves her baby and is happy to raise him or her.

If we find joy in every moment of life, the stress we go through won’t be stressful anymore. Instead, that happy stress will make us want to do more in our lives.

But you might ask: It’s easy to be happy when things get better, but it’s harder when things get worse. How can we be happy when we are in trouble?

 In fact, distress is made up of the words “di” and “stress,” which means “disturbing stress.”

The only way to be happy through all of life’s ups and downs is to see God’s grace in everything. Ups and downs are both God’s grace. So take them in with open arms and be happy.

Ups in life come from God’s grace, which is a reward for our good deeds. And the downs of life are also because of His grace, which shows us where we went wrong and helps us get back on our feet.

But we must connect with Him if we want to always remember and feel His grace in all situations. And the best way to connect with Him is to listen to what He says and do what He says in the scriptures.

Once we start to follow His advice, out of His kindness, He will open His secrets and give us the wisdom we need to see that His good plan is behind all the ups and downs in our lives.

Everything that happens to us in life is meant to help us grow and become better people. But God out of His kindness shows  how that happens to those who follow Him.

If you put yourself at the center of your life, you will probably feel anxious and unsure of what to do.

But when God is at the center of your life and He guides, supports, and gives you power according to His will, and from that moment, life stops being a source of worry and stress.