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Why is Chanting the Best Service?

Have you ever thought about why chanting is the highest form of service?

It might sound strange, but it actually makes sense when you think about it.

We all love hearing our name praised, so it’s no surprise that the devotees of God honour Him by repeatedly reciting His Holy Names.

But, unlike us, God doesn’t take pleasure in His Names the way we do. That’s because He’s Atmarama, self-satisfied and perfect in every way.

His happiness is rather tied to that of His loving devotees. So when He thinks about the devotion they share with Him, He smiles.

The most devoted of Krishna’s devotees in Vraja are especially enamored with Him because of His intoxicating charm. Each time we recite the Hare Krishna mantra, Krishna thinks of His Braja devotees and the happiness they experienced with Him.

Chanting is therefore the only service we offer that doesn’t draw Krishna’s attention to us – chanting draws it away from us and towards Vrajvasis.

Moreover, when He’s reminded of His Brajavis, He overlooks our flaws and shortcomings. .

That’s why chanting is considered to be the best service of all services.

So why wait?  Keep chanting.

Just make sure to keep chanting the Holy Names (in your mind or even loudly) while doing all your other services!