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Superficial Joy, Idiotic Cheerfulness and True Happiness!

The goal of all goals is happiness.

For humans, or animals, or any living creature, seeking happiness is a universal truth. Although all know this intuitively, what is unknown is the levels of happiness.

And your choice of happiness will decide your life’s destiny.

1. For many, happiness is just a Nice Feeling

For those, having this view of happiness, it does not matter where and how the feelings come about.

The criterion is not the source of feeling or its effect, but the quality of the feelings. If feelings are nice, go for it.

If entertainment or any bizarre action stirs nice feelings, just do it. If drugs and alcohol induce nice feelings, consume it. If watching pornography and illicit sex surges erotic feelings, why not?

But there is a deep, dangerous problem with this view of happiness.

—Nice feelings do not guarantee a nice life:

You can have all the ‘nice feelings’ and still be unhappy. The happy nice feelings temporarily cover up the deep anxieties of real problems in life.

Nice feelings do relieve the heavy stress of the real problems of life but does not solve the problem itself. So, the stress reappears and lingers on.

In essence, nice feelings are nothing but a temporary distraction.

—Nice feelings do not secure your future:

Nice feelings do not help you accomplish your goals. Do not help you live a good life.

Without achieving your goals and solving the real problems of life, what then is the meaning of such happy nice feelings?

— Nice feelings are sensual and aimless:

They are felt at the level of mind.

Since animals live on this level of happiness, it is called Animalistic happiness. And those who live by this view of happiness lead an animalistic life.

Like animals, then, this happiness is uncontrolled and undirected. It can lead to

dangerous drug addiction, psychopathic conditions, physical and mental disorders, narcissism, chaos and civil disorder.

Do we want to call such disturbing happiness a true happiness?

2. For others, happiness is Joy

Unlike feelings, Joy is ‘a high’ but not completely unrelated to the rest of the life and not dangerous.

There are many little but important things in life. Like your car. Or maybe, your puppy. They are linked to your lives and you are linked to them by attachment. You care for them. You live with them. They don’t produce just some mundane fleeting feelings, but a perpetual Joy.

Joy is felt at the level of mind and intelligence and is therefore higher than mere nice feelings.

But the question is — Is that happiness?

At certain level, maybe!

But there is a problem.

—Joy is superficial:

Although not aimless, Joy is not accompanied with deep thinking and a solid goal. And any happiness without a goal and deep thinking must end in frustration or, at best, in boredom after some time.

‘Joy’ therefore cannot be true happiness, for true happiness never fades away or ends in boredom.

3. For masses, happiness is Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness is a mood of ‘positivity’ and affirmation to life even in the mist of real-life problems.

Cheerfulness demands a light mood and, of course, a smile!

  • Cheerfulness is peculiar American mentality. It is born of American liberty, where freedom of individual speech and freedom to act is valued above all laws and the individual is responsible for his own happiness.
  • As America started to boast of its liberal ideals, Americans in turn began to artificially remain happy in order to avoid disrespect in a free society.
  • The British traveler Francis Joseph Grund wrote in 1837 that an American would seldom complain because “In a country built upon the assumption that everyone should pursue their happiness, failure to achieve that happiness lost one the respect of the others and no one dared to show himself an exception to the rule.
  • ”And after industrial revolution, cheerfulness came in a big way.
  • With industrialization a middle working class appeared. But the pressure of consumerism and competition, made their work highly stressed. To relieve this pressure, people automatically gravitated towards the mood of American cheerfulness. Media hyped it by always showing smiling faces. And the corp orates saw a profit in training their employees in cheerfulness. The stage was set.
  • Today, cheerfulness has become the norm of the modern American lifestyle.

But there are problems:

—Cheerfulness produces idiots:

‘Many people in the world — Europeans, Asians, Africans, and others — see this American façade as idiotic,’ says Dr. Robert C. Solomon, Professor of Business and Philosophy at the University Texas, Austin.

He adds, ‘For most people outside America, life is a serious business.’

Ellen Willis, a famous New York Journalist and activist, carried a critical analysis of America in the ’90s. And what she found was counterintuitive.

She titled her book “Don’t Think, Smile.”

The book showed that American cheerfulness is a denial of the political and social realities. Cheerfulness is making Americans careless and irresponsible, and sad and frustrated from within.

—Cheerfulness operates primarily at the level of false ego:

It is a higher form of happiness than mere nice feelings and superficial Joy that functions at mental and intellectual levels. Consequently, to see its folly and break its illusion is most difficult.

—Cheerfulness does give a feeling of happiness and optimism but also feeds the false ego.

Cheerfulness does not allow one to admit the real problems of life and to seek for help. The anxieties and stress thus corrode from within, leading to physical and mental ailments like blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, schizophrenia.

If nice feelings are dangerous, cheerfulness is deceivingly dangerous!

4. The topmost level of happiness is True Happiness

True happiness is not based on some fleeting nice feelings, superficial joy, or idiotic cheerfulness.

True happiness is based on a solid ground of peace and satisfaction.

Peace comes from abandoning selfish desires.

And satisfaction from perceiving the defects of previous three levels of happiness and experiencing the happiness beyond mind, intelligence and false ego, a happiness felt at the level of soul.

Without satisfaction, there is no peace. And how can one be happy without peace?

This then is true happiness.

It is eternal, like the spirit soul. It is beneficial, bringing peace and satisfaction among people. It is completely satisfying, since upon gaining it there is no other greater gain.

Aim for true happiness. Share it with others. This is human life. True life with true happiness!

Unlock Your Real Wealth

“Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.”


Some of us may be rich because of money, but scientists are rich because of what they know, and many young men value having a girlfriend. Some people make the mistake of thinking that drugs are wealth, which is sad. When it comes to You Tubers, their wealth is based on how many views and subscribers they have.

Money can give you a sense of relief and comfort, but it can’t make you happy, especially during difficult times. In a strange way, having too much money can cause more stress.

So, dear readers, you may have a comfortable life, but that doesn’t mean you’re all happy.

You might have started to scratch your head and wonder why comfort and happiness aren’t the same thing.

How come no one told you this before?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how comfort and happiness are different.

Comfort is a feeling of physical ease and relaxation, and contentment is a feeling of being happy with what you have.

For a short time, comfort can make you feel less stressed or bored, but it doesn’t bring lasting happiness or peace.

Happiness, on the other hand, comes from inside. Even though short-term comfort is nice, it will never make you truly happy.

Being happy is one of the most important things in life.

But true happiness comes from having faith in God. Why? Because faith in God connects us with Him and that connection makes the soul completely content and therefore completely happy. 

Contentment and happiness, therefore, come from Divine connection. It’s wrong to think that money and success can really make you happy. Connecting with God is what will give you real peace, happiness, and satisfaction.

It’s not about having more money, things, girlfriends, or subscribers. Instead, it’s about being happy in connection with God.

The love of God is what is true connection with God and only love of God makes a person wealthy. Without love, a person has no soul and no reason to live. On the other hand, someone who has no connection with God is like a living dead!

Our soul wants to love God, but not knowing how and why, often leads to frustration, tension, depression, and other unpleasant feelings.

To find true happiness, we need to learn to love God and you can only do this by associating with people who are devoted to  God.

Therefore, try to know God. Love Him in association of those who love Him. Only then you shall be happy, which is what it means to have ‘Real Wealth.’