When lovers come together, their eyes communicate the unsaid sentiment “I am Yours.”

The same holds true for God and His followers. They are the best  of all lovers.

These three straightforward words, “I am Yours,” have numerous layers, though.

I am Yours, according to Madhvacarya, may imply that I am dependent upon You. In all of our endeavors, the Lord is our upholder and sustainer.  He is the inspired within the heart and gives the approval as well.

Yamunacharya reads it as meaning You are my master and controller. Lord personally makes plans for His devoted followers, leads them, and, if necessary, punishes them.

But Chaitanya Mahaprabhu does not stop there; he goes even further, saying, “O my dear Lord! You may use me for your own gain. You can use me for your needs and then discard me if you like. Even if I don’t feel happy, your happiness is my happiness.

But if the next two considerations are not made, no interpretation of I am Yours has any meaning at all.

These three short words of I am Yours are built on the first principle of obedience to God’s rules. Any emotion, no matter how deep, is only sentimentalism without any real meaning if it is not in accordance with God’s will.

Second, the servant needs to know how to look after the master. The lover anticipates consideration and care in the material world. However, there is no such expectation in the spiritual world. It is essentially a service, and the only thing that might be expected in return is more service.

I am Yours is a truly original idea, and if correctly grasped and applied, it will quickly result in the perfection of life, which is Love of God.

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