The Vedic scriptures are vast and complex, with each verse having multiple layers of meaning. This makes the Vedas glorious and deep, while making them difficult to understand. 

 Many saints have attempted in the past to develop a comprehensive philosophy that can explain all the layers of scripture without falling into contradictions.

 Nimbarkacharya proposed Bheda-Abheda philosophy, Ramanujacharya Vishishta-advaita, Madhavcharya Dvaita, and Vallabhacarya Suddha-Advaita. However, none of their philosophies were adequate or satisfactory.

It was Lord Chaitanya who, five hundred years ago, developed his philosophical system that synthesized the basic ideas of all the other philosophies to create a holistic philosophy capable of harmonizing any Vedic contradiction. 

 From Nimbarkacharya, Lord Chaitanya took Gopi Bhava (the high esteem for the gopis’ love of Krishna) and Ananya Radhika Asraya (the necessity of taking shelter of Radha). 

 From Ramanujacharya, He took Vaishnava Seva (the service of devotees) and Suddha Sharanagati (the concept of Bhakti unpolluted by Karma and Gyan). 

 From Madhavacharya, Mayavad Khandanam (refutation of Mayavad Philosophy) and Archa Vigrah Seva (Deity Worship). 

And from Vallabhacharya, Pushti Marga (the path of raga Bhakti) and Ananya Ashraya (the sentiment of exclusive dependence on Krishna)

 But at the same time, Lord Chaitanya also pointed out the defects in their philosophies. In his essays on Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Bhaktivinoda Thakur points out that Nimbarka’s system is asampurna (not complete), Ramanuja’s system is apraphullit (not blossomed), Madhava’s system is aprasphutit (in seedling stage), and Vallabha’s system is aspashta (not clear).

 Lord Chaitanya removed the flaws and deficiencies in their systems, incorporated their basic aspects, and developed his own philosophical system of Achintya Bheda-Abheda Tattva (simultaneous difference and non-difference).

Indeed, Lord Chaitanya is not only the embodiment of the love of God, but also the supreme philosopher

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