The meaning and types of praise

Stutaḥ means praise, and saṁstutaḥ means praising in different ways. There are different ways of praising in this world, such as saying nice things, enjoying entertainment, or liking and pleasing others. By doing so, we glorify the material world and its objects.

The comparison of humans to animals

People who praise others instead of Bhagavān develop an animalistic mentality. They are compared to four kinds of animals: dogs, pigs, camels, and donkeys.

Dogs: These are people who get educated, look for jobs, and flatter others, just like dogs who go from door to door for food and wag their tails. They wear ties and obey their employers.

Pigs: These are people who eat anything without discrimination, even stool.

Camels: These are people who earn money by sinful means, suffer to maintain their families, and enjoy doing so. They don’t realize that they are harming themselves, just like cam camels who eat thorny plants and drink their own blood, thinking it is tasty.

Donkeys: These are people who carry heavy burdens of money. They accumulate wealth, but don’t enjoy it. They only enjoy seeing it grow in various ways.

The consequences of animalistic mentality

The animalistic mentality described here corresponds to the different stages of human life. The dog mentality is seen in students who think only about education and careers, and try to please their bosses. When they grow older, they become like pigs who do anything to please their bosses and advance their careers. After marriage, they become like camels who work hard to support their families, even by sinful means. When they become old, they become like donkeys who worry about protecting their money and fear that their children will waste it. They die in anxiety.

Those who don’t practice Bhagavān’s bhakti lead an animal life. They start as dogs, then become pigs, camels, and donkeys, and then die in misery.

How to Transcend Animalistic Mentality?

We should learn from the problems of these animals and correct our mentality to avoid taking such bodies in the next life. We should praise Bhagavān, who protects and guides us through guru, sādhu, and śāstra. We should always hear about the glories of Kṛṣṇa. As we develop a liking for Him, we will remember and glorify Him more easily. As a result, we will forget this material world.

Chanting the holy name is a way of praising Bhagavān. Liking, pleasing, and enjoying serving Kṛṣṇa are also forms of His glorification. Glorification is not just offering prayers to Bhagavān. It is making our life a glorification of Bhagavān.

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